Holistic audiovisual experiences

Marta Bala develops audiovisual experiences in the fields of video design, live visuals and post production. In a graceful, delicate manner, she uses media to create atmospheres and moods, pursuing an approach of holistic sensuality. 

Based on the wishes and ideas of the customer, Marta combines different aesthetic worlds in an imaginative way to a comprehensive artwork.

Her inspiration comes mainly from nature and the confrontation with the shapes, colors and sensations that kept her childhood in the countryside ready: each project is a journey for Marta, which she undertakes together with her clients to create an appealing and sophisticated production.

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From an idea through to production and right up to your stage.

01 / Network

Well connected in the design, art & music scene based in Berlin, working all over the world. If you’re searching not only for an art director and motion designer but a whole team of talented people for whatever is on your mind then you are exactly right here.

02 / Ideas

Formation of an idea is constantly aligned with the newest technological possibilities through the participation in workshops, further education, courses, research and analysis to make innovative and sustainable productions possible.

03 / Conceptualization

Defining your video goals, target audience, keymessage and above all the story you want to tell. We will find together the kind of appealing and sophisticated production that perfectly fits to your needs.

04 / Art Direction

Creating the script, producing the storyboard, the styleframes and animatics to define the design of your idea. Anytime transparent and in constant exchange with you to get a result that makes you happy. 

05 / Production & Live

Content Creation, Post-Production, 2D VFX, 3D-Design, Voice Over and Sound Design

Stage Design, (Live-)Visuals & -Music, Mapping, Live-Experience in VR

06 / Finish & Review

Handing over renderings in your desired format and being always at your side for further questions. Each project is a journey, which we undertake together with you to make your story come to life.