Sadness-Party // Audiovisual Performance

„There is no beauty without some strangeness“ (Edgar Allan Poe)

Please join us on this evening to embrace the cold arms of sadness, and transpire in winters gloom.

We will take the vow of depression as we sway to the delicate sounds that soothe our internal rainstorm; a piano tuned & composed to the rythme of solitude will be presented along side humble memories of past, present & future projected on many layers of curtain. Followed by excercises into calm guided meditation, YOU, my friends will relax on pillows and provided blankets in emotional observance, as you would in the confindents of your reclusive dwellings. Dress code; relaxed and neutral.

Piano by Jan Weigel https://www.janweigel.com/more

Visuals by Marta Bala http://www.martabala.de/
some contributing material by Lacy Barry http://www.lacybarry.com/Catalyst

Meditation session by Unnur Andreas Einarsdottir http://www.unnurandrea.net/

*We have limited space, please send an email to ask for date and location if you want to join us for this special event

**We kindly ask for to bring 5euros donation going towards the expenses of the event.

***No distracting electronics will be permitted, & will be stored safely with us. It is important that you be in the moments of sadness, and you give melancholia your undivided attention.

On this night we are united by the very thing that stimulates our lonliness, because as we singurlarily know, misery loves company…