Odyssey of Lovers – Visuals

Poetry of the Absurd — Odyssey of the Lovers opening night
Opening Vereinsheim free

Odyssey of the Lovers starts off with poetic and absurdist performances exploring the theme of the relationship between Human and Nature. The evening begins with the performance Head in the Clouds in which Viviana Druga (performer) and Tata Christiane (costume designer) with VJ Marta Bala, envisioning a cosmic “head in the clouds”-type of highness. How far / high can you go? The performance will be accompanied with fire&thunder visuals by artist Marta Bala.
Viviana DrugaTata Christiane

Next, artist Lala Nomada performs her work The Milk Series, in which she likens the chemical and physical qualities of milk with contemporary society.
Japanese artist Ayaka Okutsu then states that the performance is a path to a solid recognition – or is it? “An egg is never fresh,” she muses. “It is beaten yet smooth. Vanished. All is done in white; a place of migrating consciousness. Forgiveness. Never for never, and never, and never. Whisper and touch your cheek. Maybe it’s there.”

Lala Nomada

Markus Fiedler created the performance-installation Lure, absented by an actual human performer. A bundle of oversized spaghetti made from beeswax rests in a shiny silver pot. The aroma-charged particles expand unclearly. It is in a constant state of flow and without any definable edges, as the space that is influenced by the piece gradually dissolves into the space that is not (yet) touched by its influence.

Sto Len is a street-wise, multi-disciplinary action artist and painter from New York City via Virginia, co-founder of Cinders gallery, and member of Saturn Dogs. He is going to select choice kraut cuts to keep your toes wiggling and brains melting.

DJ ONONiiONIONIION is a Japanese musician / performer / street musician from Nagoya. His music is inspired by musical traditions from Africa, Turkey, India, Japan, Egypt and more, infused with his very own style of manipulating sound.

Be my Shatz will play out her authentic love for enchanted grooves upstairs in the Mindpirates atelier space. While knitting a garland of selected sonic pearls, she subtly nudges the listening mood into a dancing spirit. With a natural feeling for juxtapositions, she explores electronic genres, time and space.